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Learn to care seminar 2011




FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE                                                                                     – 09.05.2011


Those who believe in the power and exuberance of youth, the Plants & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) of Dombivli serves as a constant source of inspiration. A NGO primarily run by a young brigade most of them in their mid 20’s organized an awareness  workshop past Sunday bringing some of the most reputed NGOs under one roof. PAWS Thane, Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA), Moradabad SPCA, Terra Anima Trust, Animal Welfare Assn. are some of the big names that came together to enlighten over 70 participants & 8 guests across the city.

The felicitations involved in individual categories, Mrs. Phiroza Abraham (Actor John Abraham’s mother) was felicitated for helping PAWS campaigns and her work for animal charities & 7 and half year old Aariyanne Billimoria was also felicitated for her remarkable work of selling paintings to raise funds for 3 animal welfare charities.

Starting 10:30 AM, the Nalanda Hall of Times Foundation, venue of the workshop saw Dr. Deepa Katyal, who started with the most favourite topic amongst every participant – First Aid and medication of stray dogs. The Q & A session happened between participants and on a closing note; she shared some of the best experiences of her life.

Post that Mr. N. Pralhad from Pune gave a very important presentation on Environment Protection. He neatly explained how plantations need to carry out along with choosing Indian tree saplings. Also explained how mango seeds and other waste can be restored and be neatly used for bio-diversity.

At 1:30 PM  sharp, a 45 minute break followed in the pursuit where participants relished on a vegan lunch.

At 2.00pm, the 2nd session started by Snehal Bhatt-Bhavsar on Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation with why people hold pre-conceived notions on the subject of snake rescue, how to bag a snake and what are the most suitable timings to release a snake as per its biological characteristics? Many such questions answered by snake-women Snehal Bhatt-Bhavsar who dedicated more than half of her life in the rescue of snakes & crocodiles ignited a fresh spirit in the minds of people. She also shown how birds, reptiles kept during rescue.

Last session conducted by Roxanne Davur on Animal Welfare Laws where she has shared how deal with police, forest officials to book cases against wildlife & stray animal miss-treatment.

PAWS merchandise stall also attracted many people. Thanks to Pratima & Shantanu Datar who attended stall through-out day.

Host Seminar Gaytri Thampi thanks all who made this seminar a huge success.

With the evening all set, participants filled up their forms signing petitions on begging elephants and ban horse carts in Kalyan city. They rated the overall preparations of the seminar expressing it as one of the greatest day to remember in their lives.


A sum total 40 feedback forms were collected which highlighted the following feedback:

·      Overall Programme as an educational experience – 54% Excellent, 35% Very Good, 9%

·      Up to extent which will help u to do better job – Large Extent 78%, Some Extent 20%

·      52% participants believed workshop helped clarify their ideas. 57% believed they received new ideas & approaches,

·      About 83% participants felt course duration was right, 9% felt it was too little.

·     60% people felt “excellent” for administrative arrangements while 30% felt “Very Good” & 11% felt “Good.”

·      83% people felt all important subjects were covered.

Participants suggested that such programs should be organized across different societies at timely intervals.

PAWS whole-heartedly thanks to volunteers Nisha Tellis, Sonali Bagade, Sumit Yadav, Shreya Nambiyar, Mandar Sawant, Gayatri Thampi, Vishal Pawar & Shantanu Datar for helping @ Seminar. Also thanks to staff Pratima & Prabhu as well as Abhishek Bhowmick & trustee Manasi Bhanage who put-in lot of efforts to make this seminar a great sucess.

For More Details & Photos contact Mr. Nilesh Bhanage on 9920777536.


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